40 cm LOW BEAM Ref 3672

40 cm LOW BEAM Ref 3672

£994.80 inc. VAT

£829.00 ex. VAT


A standard 5 m balance beam (REF 3611) supported by legs which when assembled give a 40 cm high beam.

Particularly designed so that 20 cm matting will fit underneath.

Most suitable for younger gymnasts to build confidence before moving onto the higher beam. 


  • Ideal for learning new exercises.
  • Make trainings safer and more efficient.
  • Less stressful due to its small size.
  • Its “ground level” configuration makes the beam very stable.
  • Allows a faster progression for all gymnasts.


  • Length = 5 m.
  • Fixed height = 40 cm.
  • This beam which is raised by 20 cm, can be used with landing mats.
  • Rigid aluminum section bod.
  • With non-slip coating and rigid end-pieces.
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