COMFORT MATS REF 7088,7089, 7090 & 7091

COMFORT MATS REF 7088,7089, 7090 & 7091

£538.80 - £2,398.80 inc. VAT

£449.00 - £1,999.00 ex. VAT

REF. 7090 - 350 x 200 x 65cm
£2,398.80 inc. VAT
REF. 7091 - 200 X 150 X 65cm
£1,042.80 inc. VAT
REF. 7088 - Jersey Cover only for 7090
£778.80 inc. VAT
REF. 7089 - Jersey Cover only for Ref 7091
£538.80 inc. VAT


Made of a two foam combination of different densities. The upper part is very supple and shock-absorbing, the lower part is denser to prevent the gymnasts "bottoming out".

Halfway between a traditional mat and a landing pit. 

Can be used for dismounts off the apparatus as well as for learning practices, which require good absorption from falls.

Replacement covers are available. 


Fact Sheet


  • The lower part of the cover is made of polyester grain leather, 1000 deniers.
  • With carrying handles and the upper part is made of soft, elastic and washable jersey.
  • Mid-way between a classical mat and a landing pit, it provides great comfort for landings.
  • Transportable
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