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Inflatable Acrobatic Track Inflatable Acrobatic Track
Inflatable Acrobatic Track Inflatable Acrobatic Track

Inflatable Acrobatic Track

£1,034.40 - £1,552.80 inc. VAT

£862.00 - £1,294.00 ex. VAT

REF. 8084 - 400 x 200 x 10cm
£1,034.40 inc. VAT
REF. 8087 - 400 x 200 x 20cm
£1,552.80 inc. VAT


These Tracks allow various assembly combinations to perform acrobatics on a flat working surface, while ensuring precision during push offs and stability while landing. 

If used on a pit gymnasts can also practice hard landings.  



  • Ensure a good shock absorption  
  • Offer additional comfort when landing  
  • Reduces repeating shocks and helps to decrease wrists and ankles’ micro traumas  
  • These products allow a quick progression of the gymnast while providing significant additional power  
  • Allows a progressive work of the « Hard » landing (saltos, spin) in total security  
  • Fitted with carrying handles  
  • Easy assembly using hook and loop attachments or straps (not supplied) 
  •  Some mats have a visual guide, a red central line (width of a beam = 10 cm) which helps the gymnasts to be well positioned and to stand in line during their sequences  
  • Can be used for Baby-gym sessions to secure space

Technical Specifications

  • These products are delivered with a transport cover  
  • Colour: grey with red edge  
  • Inflator not included - Ref. 8012