Rockin Roller Module

Rockin Roller Module

£478.80 - £586.80 inc. VAT

£399.00 - £489.00 ex. VAT

REF. 0375 - Roller With 70cm diameter
£478.80 inc. VAT
REF. 0380 - Roller with 90cm Diameter
£586.80 inc. VAT


Ideal for learning back flips, this teaching aid optimises the coaches work and enables gymnasts to repeat the exercise alone in complete safety.

Compiling of 3 elements, the set adapts and adjusts along with the gymnasts technique.


  • The set adapts and adjusts along with the gymnast’s technique, by adding or removing the different elements depending on the use  
  • Ideal for learning back flips thanks to its rounded shape  
  • Teaching aid that allows the gymnasts to work in complete safety  Allows the gymnast to work in full autonomy, without the need to be spotted by its coach. 
  • Comfortable thanks to its firm and stable foam

Technical Specifications

  • Length = 70 cm  
  • Made from 30 Kg density polyurethane foam  
  •  1000 denier « leather look » PVC cover with M2 fire rating  
  • With 2 carrying handles:  
  • Ref. 0375 - Ø = 70 cm. Weight = 9.5 Kg.  
  • Ref. 0380 - Ø = 90 cm. Weight = 15.3 Kg.
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